Anja Weisgerber MEP and Malcolm Harbour MEP: Free access to car repair information: Positive signal for small companies and consumers

"The Members of European Parliament in the Internal Market Committee have set a positive signal for small and medium-sized companies as well as European consumers", concluded Anja Weisgerber MEP and EPP-ED-coordinator Malcolm Harbour after the committee vote on the opinion concerning the European Commission's proposal for a Euro V regulation. The Committee voted in particular for unlimited access to car repair information for all independent car dealers and garages. It thus accepted a compromise negotiated by Anja Weisgerber: "The unlimited and non-discriminatory access to technical information for independent car dealers and garages ensures the long-term viability of environmental standards and the technical functionality over the entire life cycle of a car".

The unlimited access to vehicle repair information also strengthens the choice for consumers. Anja Weisgerber: "Car owners can now choose a garage for repair or maintenance work and are not restricted to authorised dealers. This is a success especially for small and medium-sized businesses". In her report she calls for access to vehicle repair information to be incorporated into the framework directive on type approval. "In view of the initiative for 'better regulation', the access should be uniformly regulated in the right place", Harbour agreed.

Besides new limits for car emissions, the regulation on Euro-V also contains rules on the access to technical information, electronic error codes or diagnostic equipment. The unlimited access to repair information is of particular importance for independent car dealers, because many vehicle owners opt for independent dealers after their vehicle guarantee has expired or during journeys abroad. Many repairs on modern cars - in particular concerning emission control components - are only possible with electronic equipment. Without knowledge of particular error codes, a repair of certain vehicle parts is impossible. "The access to the information explaining the error code is therefore necessary for the repair of modern vehicles and to uphold emissions limits in the long-term", Weisgerber concluded.